Frequently Asked Questions


What does a Paediatrician do?

Paediatricians are specialists in the care of babies, infants and adolescents. In Australia, Paediatricians have completed a minimum of 5years at university studying General Medicine then 2 years in a Hospital as a junior medical officer followed by a minimum of 6 years in a Paediatric Training programme in a teaching hospital. Paediatricians are members of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.


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In general, in order to see a Paediatrician, you need a referral from your GP,  another Specialist Doctor or a Hospital Doctor.  A referral from your GP or another Specialist has a specific expiry date generally 3 or 12 months after it is first used.


Once your referral has expired you will need to obtain a new one from your GP prior to seeing the Paediatrician, otherwise your appointment will be rescheduled. Failure to have a valid referral significantly reduces your Medicare rebate and you will be liable for the full cost of the consultation with no Medicare rebate.  If your appointment is a follow-up after a Hospital admission, your referral will come from the Hospital and will expire after 3 months.


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All Appointments are made by phoning our office in Chaston Street on 69 250 210


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If you are unable to keep an appointment please notify our office as soon as possible so that we can offer that appointment to another child.

There is a cancellation fee if less than 24 hours notice is given.


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What should I bring to the appointment?

You should bring;

*the referral letter unless your Doctor has faxed it directly to us already.

*any results from tests that have been done

*any reports from other health or education professionals 

*medicare card

*blue book

*pensioner card

*Ventolin and spacer, if you are having a spirometry test


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Payment is to be made at the time of consultation. Major credit cards and EFTPOS are accepted. Unfortunately we do not accept AMEX. Please present any pension card at time of payment. Medicare rebates can be processed at the office at the time of consultation and paid into your bank account by Medicare within 24hours. 


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Repeat Prescriptions

Effective from 22 October 2018 repeat prescriptions outside of appointment time will attract a service fee of $15 for which no Medicare rebate is available.

The prescription can be:

  • posted to your home address; or

  • collected from our rooms at 5 Chaston Street Wagga Wagga; or

  • faxed to the pharmacy of your choice.

The $15 fee will need to be paid by cash, EFTPOS or credit card at the time of collection or over the phone by credit card if the prescription is to be mailed or faxed.

Please note that GPs can provide repeat prescriptions except in the case of Authority prescriptions. Authority prescriptions will only be provided at the time of appointment with your Paediatrician, unless otherwise specified.

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Telephone calls

As much as possible, our staff will endeavour to answer all your enquiries. If you need to speak to a Paediatrician, a message will be taken by the staff and the doctor will contact you when possible - this may not be until after he/she has finished consulting for the day.


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Riverina Paediatrics is committed to protecting the privacy of patient information and to handling personal information in a responsible manner. For further information on how we collect, use and disclose you and your child's personal information please see our Privacy Policy.


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